Thursday, August 4, 2011

Veg Speed Dating, Leafletting, Green Smoothies, and Vegan Maidens

Last night I attended the first ever vegan/vegetarian/veg-curious speed dating event in Berkeley at the Saturn Cafe across from campus.  Going into the event I was curious, anxious, happy, and energetic.  Basically, my mood was comprised of every emotion in the book.  I decided to put all feelings aside and just HAVE FUN.  Maybe my soulmate would be in the crowd, but if not, the event would serve as an opportunity to redefine what being vegan means to me while being surrounded by a bunch of AMAZING vegan people.

To start the night out, my friend Brian over at vegan outreach, finally got me to go leafletting with him at UC Berkeley.  I was super nervous at first.  I have done door to door campaigning in the past, and my overall view was entirely negative.  Leafletting with Brian completely changed my outlook on activism.   I was finally able to distribute info and talk to people about what I care most about in the world.  Animals, and their safety.  In 20 minutes I distributed 44 leaflets about factory farming and making compassionate choices.  What a great start to what would turn out to be an EPIC evening.

Let me tell you, upon entering Saturn Cafe I was having flashbacks to the cult film 40 Year-Old Virgin, when Steve Carrell goes speed dating and meets "Gina".  My flashbacks lightened my mood and I really enjoyed the event.  Yes, it was tiring, and yes, there were people there who were 30 years older than me, but the event was fun.  I met a few vegans/vegetarians who I would definitely go out with in future, and one in particular who made me weak in the knees, literally.  I hope the future holds bright things.  Even if my veg-dating connections only blossom into bright, plutonic relationships, I am ok with that.  I guess we will have to wait and see.  

I had a few great conversations that were noteworthy, and one in particular that motivated me to continue on my quest to consume a partially raw food diet (about 50% raw).  Today, I woke up and had a handful of raw almonds and a VEGA raw protein bar;  I also made a green smoothie that contains (one bunch of kale, 1/2 cucumber, an apple, a mango, and a can of coconut water).  I feel happy, energetic, and wonderful.  Here are some pictures of what I got at Staff of Life in Santa Cruz (the purple kale is so beautiful I want to put it in a vase):


  1. Now I am kinda wishing I had gone! Ugh. Still digesting my Indian food gorge out. Raw food! YES! Good idea.

  2. I wish you would have gone too...then I wouldn't have been the only one gorging myself with Saturn's taquitos. I am fat now...thanks Saturn.

  3. Taquitos, nachos and pitchers of Microbrews at a reasonable price?! Yeah, it's a good thing Saturn is relatively far from me. Now I have a spread of goji berries and Lydia Kindheart raw crackers and salad surrounding me. Actually I haven't taken it out of the Whole Foods bag yet, but that's the next step!