Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Funday!

There is nothing better than waking up early on a Sunday, walking down the street, catching a few waves and then going to the Live Oak Farmer's Market.  I picked up a couple of goodies: avocados, heirloom tomatoes, and wait for it.....PADRON PEPPERS.  Numerous people have told me that these little guys are absolutely delicious.  When I saw baskets at the farmer's market I had to give them a try.  I am SO glad I did; Cooking the little padrons was really easy.  The guy at the stand told me that in Spain people put a quarter-size dollop of olive oil in a pan with sea salt and sautee away.  DANG!  They were so good!  I also made up one of my signature tofu scrambles and sliced up an heirloom tomato.  Balsalmic drizzled over the tomato slices summed up this amazing lunch.  I don't usually measure spices when cooking so add spices to taste:

Mike's Tofu Scramble:

-1 Tofurkey Italian Sausage
-Crook-Necked Squash
-2 Shallots
-Fennel Seed
-Cumin Seed
-Curry Powder
-Himalayan Sea Salt
-Cracked Pepper
-Parma Spicy Nutritional Yeast

Usually I would throw in marinated artichoke hearts, but I am saving the jar I have for dinner :)


  1. I'll trade you my cashew cheese for this brekkie, okay?