Monday, July 11, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane to....SATURN!

Tonight was a a night of MAJOR overindulgence.  Like 'my belly is going to explode' type of overindulgence.  I feel like someone stuck a vegan steak knife in my gut and left me to the wolves.

After a surf at Mo's, I felt like going out to grab a bite.  I didn't feel like healthy vegan delights tonight.  Rather, I wanted to stuff my face with greasy, fattening diner food.  What better place to give me what I needed, than Saturn Cafe.

My meal started as all meals should.  With hops.  Santa Cruz Mountain Brew IPA on draft = happiness.

After much deliberation (yea right, totally twisting my leg), I decided on going all out tonight.  Vegan sampler as an appetizer.  Are you ready for visual stimulation?  Vegan taquitos, garlic fries, sweet potato fries, chips, salsa, vegan ranch and wasabi  I was full before my entree even came is proof of greatness...The taquitos were delish!  Like, Safeway freezer section goodness.  I am starting a new religion.  It's called Taquitology.  We believe in a taquito shaped planet and a god named Vegatron. Epic.

As if my digestive system needed any more stimulation tonight.  My poor, poor roommate will be listening to acoustics all night (you know what I mean..)  Being that this was my first adventure to Saturn Cafe as a vegan I wanted to try as many things on the menu as possible without spending the deposit for my new place on food.  I ordered the soup, salad, and half sandwich meal.  The soup was vegetable, not bad, but not noteworthy.  The salad was pretty generic.  I ordered it with vegan ranch because, umm...why not?!  The best part of the meal was definitely the Chicken Avocado Club.  OMG!  Every bite felt like a time-warp to a time when I consumed animals.  Full on amazingness.  Super good breaded-protein.  BANG!


Back home now, pregnant with a food baby, and kind of crabby.  Adele is taking it down a notch.  Her new album is a must have.  So, you must have it.  Goodnight.

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  1. Thank you for providing me with a new distraction at work. I am ashamed of you for this having been your first vegan outing to Saturn cafe considering you live in Santa Cruz but I'll admit that the second pic just made me puke in my mouth a bit! That being said I am down for Taquitology as long as I only go to church like twice a year. Adele = <3