Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who Needs Cooked Food?!

I will admit, I am skeptical of the raw foods diet.  I understand the nutritional science behind enzymes and what they can do for your body and digestion, but my prior experiences have left me filling unsatisfied and bored.  Granted, my first raw "cooking" experience was a simple guacamole wrapped with lettuce leaves.  Good, but B O R I N G.  Now, forget all of that mumbo jumbo I just said about raw foods and let me tell you about the freaking awesome raw lunch that blew all preconceptions out of the water.

I purchased a groupon for The Green Boheme in Sacramento about 6 months ago that expires in August.  I needed to get that bad boy used up by putting some awesome food in my belly.  The Green Boheme is a quaint little raw vegan cafe off of Del Paso Boulevard near Arden Fair Mall (sort of).  Upon entering, I was stoked.  Happy, radiant people with nice skin, and chipper attitudes.  I have heard that the raw foods diet lightens your life, but geez.  It was almost nauseating how cool everyone a good way of course.  Water came to the table in a wine bottle with a whole branch of mint leaves in it. I have had cucumber in water before, which was DE-lish, but mint?!  EPIC!  I highly recommend.  Being that I had a $10 groupon, which I might add, I bought so long ago it felt like I got it for free, I decided to forgo the idea of getting a $9 entree and eating for free.  I decided to get an appy and an entree for cheap.  The appetizer I chose was an Indonesian pate called Sambal.  It was sort of like a spicy, creamy hummus with lemongrass.  It was unFREAKINGreal.  The dehydrated flax/sunflower seed crackers that came with the Sambal were like vegan Kryptonite; They whooped my ass, for reals!  Now, for the main course....ready for this...."No Sea Tuna Sandwich".  I don't even know where to go from here.  Describing the amazingness of this sandwich cannot be left to a mere mortal man.  I have been veggie for over two years now, and I cannot remember the last time I had a tuna sandwhich (which I love). The mock tuna pate tasted JUST like the real deal.  Instead of explaining the awesome sandy, let me share The Green Boheme's description from the menu:
Our soft gluten free nut, seed and veggie bread topped with Mock “Tuna” pate (sprouted sunflower seeds, seasonings) cashew mayo, hot mustard, fresh tomato, sprouts, & seasoning blend on our delicious nut/seed bread. Served with a side salad. 
Will I be going back to The Green Boheme?  ABSOLUTELY!

If you want your world rocked, check out their MENU:

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